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Bullet Journal for Life + Homeschool

It’s planning season for homeschoolers. Almost the tail end of it, actually, although I am still seeing a lot of posts and questions and Facebook comments about what material people are using and how they map it all out. In any case, it is much on my mind these days, so here is my planning post for this year: how I use a bullet journal for both homeschool and the rest of life. 
I love planners. 
I want to buy all the planners. I don’t know if it is the calming visual appeal of all those lines and boxes, or all the implied potential, like each planner is the key to an alternate future. I confess that I have bought rather too many planners over the last several years, both hard copies and printables, most of which have gone unused for one reason or another.
But I’m learning to say “no.” I still am sorely tempted each time I see beautiful designs or interesting content, but, I’m happy to say, I have settled on a system that actually works well for me. I started a bullet journal last fall, a…

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